Are You Keeping Up with the 2018 Social Media Trends?

Are you using social media to its full potential? Social media was an extremely effective business tool in 2017 and continues to grow as many companies rely more on digital marketing and social ads than on TV and radio spots. Businesses that want maximize their audience volume would be wise to utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (to name a few) to reach consumers.

Social media on mobile device with text are you keeping up with the 2018 social media trends

2018 Social Media Trends

Video Promotion

Using video to promote your brand goes past YouTube; more businesses are implementing social media strategies using pre-recorded and live video on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The focus of these videos should not be going viral. Instead of thinking about quantity, consider quality – are your videos reaching the audiences you want them to reach? Your business will have more success as you focus your efforts on getting your video in front of the right people instead of getting your video in front of people right now.

One-on-One Time with Customers

Listening and understanding customers has been a cornerstone of good business since the beginning. Implementing live chat on your website is a huge 2018 social media trend. Live chats are a fantastic digital tool because more customers are using their mobile devices but also crave that one-on-one attention. Consider installing a live chat feature on your site to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Paid Social Advertising

2018 is the year of social media advertising. Organic traffic has dropped since Facebook implemented its algorithm that prioritized family and friends posts over business pages. It will get more difficult for businesses to reach consumers through organic posting and referral traffic, so ads are becoming the best way to boost your brand. Social media advertising has been growing nearly 20% annually over the last few years which only speaks to its effectiveness.

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