Will Twitter’s New Rules Impact You?

In an effort to maintain efficiency many social media marketers post simultaneous tweets containing the same content across various accounts. Well, Twitter says “NO MORE!” They want to combat spammers and bots by banning simultaneous posting.

Will Twitter's New Rules Impact You?

Twitter Makes Marketers Work Harder Not Smarter

Those of us who manage multiple company-related Twitter accounts need to be able to connect to multiple audiences across the United States or even the world. Many accounts only serve certain areas so, for example, businesses with multiple franchise locations that need to post the same message, news story, or other media across multiple areas have to choose one at a time to upload the image, paste in the text, and any associated links. Doing this multiple times a day turns a total of three minutes work into hours of time taken everyday.

Who Will Be Affected?

Large media agencies will be the ones to feel the hit the most but not in a financial way. Smaller media agencies (like us) who depend on the efficiency of one or two employees to do all the content and media publishing will see a serious downslope in productivity. Time that could otherwise be spent doing other tasks will be overtaken by publishing the same post to different account multiple times.

Why Twitter Needs a Better Solution

Besides the obvious productivity loss, this new rule just sucks. It’s equivalent to when the teacher punishes the whole class by taking away recess because one kid was messing around during math class. It unfairly impacts solid businesses who rely on multitasking posts to get more done so they can make more money to pay their hardworking employees. Twitter also says the rule applies to social media management platforms so, if you think that might circumvent the issue, sorry.

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