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Turn the Page St Louis has a team of digital content and social media experts who are ready to increase your business’s social traffic. They understand what kind of content gets clicks and how to micro-target your demographics with effective Facebook Advertising. Our strategies provide outstanding ROI from lead generation and brand engagement.

Facebook Ads mean reaching your customers where they are consistently spending their time. Social media, especially Facebook, have become a way to generate leads, expand brand identity and create a lasting first impression.

We do Twitter and LinkedIn too!

We’ll get you started with Twitter Ads.  Twitter users are open, influential, receptive, and eager to discover and interact with brands, ideas, and products.  Our team will help you make the right decision about Twitter ads.

LinkedIn is a good platform for B2B lead generation.  Our strategies drive conversions, or promote content directed to potential customers within your target demographic.  LinkedIn Ads make it easy to target the right B2B prospects.

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Placing your brand top of mind inn front of your target audience on the social platform of their choice.  The increased power of paid social ads can help your business grow. 

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide extensive targeting tools allow micro-targeting (Facebook) of the right audiences for the right brand. Our social strategists understanding of a brand’s target audience and how they engage means we are able to deliver the right message, on the right platform at the right time.

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