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Why YouTube

YouTube is a huge platform that should be taken advantage of and utilized. This website reaches out to numerous of people every day. Each month, all across the world over 1 billion people will go online to YouTube and watch more than 6 billion hours of YouTube video. That number is changing all the time as mobile devices have grown in popularity, we have already surpassed the three quarter point — over 75% of YouTube video views come from mobile devices.

With this many potential customers, whether at home and on the go, YouTube allows you to set the time your video ad shows and the demographics of the people who see it.

Explore YouTube Ads Potential

YouTube advertising is a pay per video view marketing tool. You can use it to promote your brand to targeted demographics. YouTube advertising is an excellent alternative, or addition, to traditional TV.

Operating a successful YouTube campaign usually means juggling a range of  different tasks to ensure you achieve the right results. That’s why using Turn The Page St Louis team of YouTube experts makes sense.  You rune your business we’ll run your ads.

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Got a Blockbuster Video?

Let us Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign

YouTube advertising is very different from the usual PPC or paid social campaign. Our team will ensure we meet specific creative constraints and choose options that ensure your next video makes the most of the paid advertising possibilities.

There are three different types of YouTube Ads available.

  • Trueview Ads where viewers watch or interact with the ad.  Only pay when a user watches the ad for at least 30 seconds
  • YouTube Discovery Ads.  Appear on the YouTube homepage, search results pages, and as related videos on YouTube video watch pages.
  • In-Stream Ads play before someone watches the video they’ve selected on YouTube.

Our expert team will put your Brand in the Ad at the right time to maximize ROI.

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