How to Avoid Cart Abandonment this Season: Part 2

Welcome back to our 2 part series all about avoiding cart abandonment, where we began last time discussing trust and transparency with your customers, and guest vs member check out options. Read on to see the rest of our helpful tips to strengthen your eCommerce.  Read Cart Abandonment Part One

Couple avoiding Cart Abandonment

Email Reminders

Remind your customers what they are missing out on. Although they may have wandered away from your site, you might be able to entice your customers to come back to the products they left behind with a little email reminder. Chances are, if they’ve visited your site the customer has left behind their email, especially if you used the tip from our last post offering a special promotion like free shipping when they join your email list! In doing so, it’s incredibly easy to reach out with a call to action email after they’ve left like “Are you forgetting something?” or “The items you left behind are almost sold out!”, with a visible list of the items they left behind. Both, urging them to revisit the site and keeping the items fresh in their mind. We recommend sending out an email right after they navigate away from your page, and 1 or 2 more emails after a 24 hour period.

Visible Carts

Visible carts aren’t just effective for emails. Try adding a small visible cart that can be seen by mousing over as the customer shops, with thumbnail images showing what they have plus the total cost with shipping calculation options. Last time we talked about the importance of upfront costs including shipping and this is a great way to display these tools. In one study 24% of people backed out of a purchase because they couldn’t see or calculate the total cost of their purchase up front! Just as you would in a store, you want to see everything your about to buy, so eliminate distraction and confusion by using a visible cart.